Best Inspirations of Interior Design Styles

There is a new style of 28 interior design styles for you to know. However, interior design styles is important in nowadays because many people want it. There are many kinds of interior design styles in the market. For example is Shabby Chic. The British love a look that juxtaposes clean, white interior paint with vintage and distressed furniture.

Then, there is Swedish Style. The Swedes believe in “maximalism” — which makes the most use of a small space. While the furniture design is similar to an IKEA catalog, they use bold colors and textures as accents to draw the eye to interesting objects, rather than the size of the space.

It is not only that, you can see in the picture, you can see Contemporary design that is paired in solid colors, contrast walls, sleek lines and a minimalist design aesthetic. Also, Classic Contemporary is paired the best of both worlds. Like classical design, it uses ornate moldings, elaborate architecture at focal points of the room (like the fireplace, for instance), and complementary colors. But like contemporary, the colors are softer, furniture is rounded and art adds visual emphasis. Best of all, the room never looks cluttered. What about French that is using large-scale furniture, hanging lights, ornate embellishments and modern accessories.

Furthermore, you can pick Traditional style too. Traditional home decor uses materials like silk, brocade and satin to create a sense of timeless tradition. Jewel tone colors in coordinating colors are often used, as are warm, natural wood tones. While the eclectic decorating style gives the homeowner a lot more freedom. Colors are open to individual taste and designers can choose elements from all the other styles to form an interesting aesthetic that is full of personality. There also Garden style decor that makes use of plants, natural lighting, large windows and large landscape pictures. Often, the indoor and outdoor spaces are connected with a patio or sun-room. Indoor and outdoor furniture may be used interchangeably. Colors are natural to bring a little bit of nature to the home’s interior. While for Tuscan style is using natural hues, warm reds, ocher and other muted tones that are reminiscent of Italian decorating style. The aim is to create a soothing and warm, welcoming setting. The last one, The Asian art of Feng-Shui involves arranging furniture and designing to keep energy flowing freely throughout the room. The use of space is central to decorating in Asia.